Red bee white and the Purple cow: Ideas for my marketing strategy

To develop a marketing strategy is the second biggest step after thinking which is going to be your idea, but it will be the definitive step to help you focus as well.

In this case, the red bee white: effective content strategy, for example, has shown me many interesting tips for this purpose.

First of all, I need to be clear in my content. Vague ideas do not bring you anywhere, and to outstand I need to shape my content and say “this is what I have, this is what I do”, simple and direct.

Moreover, in a project like mine, basing on posting articles daily, I need to maximise this content. Thus do, for example, top stories of the week is a good way to refresh the memory of my readers and repackage content.

The red bee white has made me think also about an interesting idea: create regular appointments to view. For example, for my recipes posts I could do a monthly periscope meeting,  a nice and creative way to engage with my customers.

Also, I need to be connected with the world, above all if this help me to attract new sponsors or brand. Media is going to react always to trends, events and experience, so I everything that I publish has to be related to hot news too.

The Purple cow count also with useful marketing advise of entrepreneurial ideas.

For example, this book encourages to observe, study and copy what others do for their marketing strategies successfully. It does not about imitate a plan from A to Z, but investigate what works and apply it to my idea.

But what has called my attention the most of this book, and has helped me a little bit more to focus my strategy, is “the marketing checklist”.

Here the Ps ( like product, promoting, positioning, publicity, packaging or pass-along) help to keep a good marketing path for your idea.

These Ps may change slightly, but the main idea that the book shares, and can help me, is to know how to keep the shape of your business. Just like that an entrepreneurial idea will reach the market that will make it shine on the market.





Same approach, different perspective: “Miss Gourmet”; All that you didn´t know about food in Birmingham with a Spanish hint

At the same time that a project starts to develop starts also the complications.

My initial idea it was to use data journalism and my experience writing articles and working with NGOs to create a blog or website where I could give useful information to Birmingham citizens and also promote those non-profit organisations.

But once that I started to go further with the idea I realised how difficult will be due to:

  • How small is this kind of market
  • There is already a website so similar to my idea ( and that count with the support of the council)
  • After to send a quick questioner to some of these organisations in Birmingham, they confirmed me that the already have a strong presence on the internet and Birmingham so they won´t need this kind of services

But before to give up in my project and start again from zero I tried to give it another perspective.


Based on the same idea, an online platform to inform and promote a topic in Birmingham (using as a value proposition data journalism), I changed the topic from non-profit organisations to gastronomy in Birmingham.

Why Do I think that this field will work better on my project?

  1. Past experience with a gastronomic blog in Spain
  2. Knowledge in gastronomy journalism and cuisine ( job experience in both fields)
  3. There is any relevant blog or website specialised in this field ( just amateur bloggers)

So to sum up my idea will be to develop a website where to promote the best gastronomic options in Birmingham city centre through news, high quality visual information, advertising jobs offer in this field and to end with, and the main point of my added value, useful information for the citizens gather in data ( for example: Do you know how many vegetarian restaurant are in the centre? Which restaurants did not pass their last sanitary control and why? Where can I eat for less than 10 pounds per person?)

My content will be more informative than critic because I look for attracting the attention not just of Brummies,but restaurants that want to advertise on my web, and criticising is not a good way to do it.

So my key activities will be:

  1. Create news and articles interesting and informative
  2. Create visual content like high-quality photo and video
  3. Advertise jobs offer in the field
  4. Inform about food events
  5. Create data ( like maps, charts…) to explain or show useful information about food and restaurants in Birmingham
  6. Manage this information through social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

The next step is to ask me: Who will be my audience?

Until now, I could identify three different audiences:


  1. Food lovers: Everybody interested in food should visit my website. They will not produce incomes but will attract the interest of my other two audiences.
  2. Birmingham mediums: Some newspapers could be interested in adding my blog as part of the contributors.
  3. Advertising: Local restaurant in Birmingham city centre or other services related to food will like to advertise themselves one that the page grow up.

With all this question answered the next and last one will be: How can I apply the ‘mom test’ to this idea?

-Never ask people around you if your project is a good idea or not, even I will not say which is my idea at first.

-Ask Brummies, as normal citizens, what they will like to know about restaurant or food in Birmingham that they do not have right now.

-Ask food expert in Birmingham the same question too.

-To know from mediums: How are you covering this field right now?

-Find out how similar websites found advertising for their pages.

From here I will start again a new questionnaire to answer these new questions and going on with my rebranded idea.

Thank you for reading!


Creativity tools:Easy and enjoyable ways to develop an entrepreneurial idea

The most complicated part of developing a project is to think about an innovative idea that will make you succeed.

Although most of the people give up before to start because they see their first step too difficult: The moment to be creative.

But what it is creativity actually?

For me,  creativity is playing with whatever come to your mind to create this new thing that nobody thought before. Do not have to be good or bad, just something! Therefore, everybody should be able to participate and enjoy  this part of the entrepreneurial process.

But of course to say at loud whatever come to our mind is easy. In words of Gorana Law (graphic designer):

“It is so simple to have a good idea in a moment of inspiration. Your chalenge have to be being creative in any moment!”

So, to help to activate our brain there are some methods that can help us with the creative process to come with an idea, and that I have used in my way to be an entrepreneur.

  • BRAINSTORMING: The advertising executive Alex Osborn developed this idea in 1953 and is the easiest way to start in the world of creativity. Brainstorming combines linear thinking with a relaxing way to approach the problem. With this method is not allow criticizing or judge, just to come with as many ideas as you can.

For example, for my entrepreneurial idea I started with two brainstormings: One about what I like to do as a journalist and another with my hobbies. And, thank this method, I came with the idea to mix my skills as an online journalist and my passion as an activist.

Brainstorming is basically the first step that everybody usually follows to activate our imagination. It is as simple as write an article about food and writes on a paper ” I can talk about meat, vegetable, dairy products etc.”

  • STARBUSTING: It is a useful way to start to analyse how you are going to develop your idea. Starbusting is used to generated more questions than answers. It can be used not just with a question, but with further layers of questioning about the answers to the initial set of question.

This method has been really useful to understand if my idea it was good enough or not. Starting with: How am I going to display my idea? In which platform? Who is going to pay for it? How are they going to pay..?

Making this questions to myself helps to be critical and realistic, but also helped me to come with new ideas of how to approach to what I want to do with my project.

Besides this way of thinking and the support from the Canvas Bussiness model,  compare my idea with other similars ( in the topic, format or platform) has helped me to realise where are the weaknesses and how can I solve it.

Comparisons do not mean to copy someone else job but analyse why is success and how can I apply to my own idea.

For example, for me, it has been important to check the website httpsBirmingham Voluntary Service Council, a platform that helps non-profit organisations to develop in the city, even though my project is more about the visibility of every type of activism in Birmingham.

thank you for reading!

My business model Canvas or how to run out of post-its in one day


After a week racking my brain with my entrepreneurial idea and how to develop this project is starting to take shape.

This has been possible thank to the Business Model Canvas, that gives  you the structure of a business plan without overheating and be able to improvise and change your “sketch” as much as you want.

So, for now, my business idea is this one: A website to promote and inform about the non-profit organisations, NGOs and social movements in Birmingham. How? Mixing news, data journalism and visual content. And as a provisional name, I will like to call it JUMP IN BIRMINGHAM!

If there are websites for people interested in music, food, nightlife etc in a city, why not a website for activism? The importance of this practice is so extended in England, so I think that there is a market where to work.

How did I structure my Canvas model then:

•Key Partners: Should be Non-profits and NGOs partners and have some kind of advertisement relation. Also if I will need and sponsor for the web I must contact with Birmingham city council.

•Key activities: Focus on News, media and data production.

•Value propositions: My value is the information. How is this a value? I will do it more visual and interactive ( for example with the interactive map for events). For charity,  I offer promotion, and for people information.

•Customer relationships: With Brummies will be an informative relationship, trying to create a community. With NGOs, I could try to have some kind of membership/partnership.

•Customer segment: Birmingham city. The focus in activist and people that want to get engaged in social projects or to know about them.

•Key resources: My platform will be Internet, divided into three main resources: News, visual content, and data. For this labour, I will have to work with laptops, electronic devices ( like cameras) and intellectual resources to develop the data part, being the most complicated one.

•Channels: Which is the cheapest platform and that work better? The Internet. So I will work on a website. And if I develop any kind of membership maybe I could produce a monthly or trimestrial magazine for those members.

•Cost structure: Mostly is a cost of time and technology. Also, I will need an investment in learning all informatic and data skills to success on the Internet.

•Revenue streams: The Huffington Post is a really good example of how a news format of news on the WWW has succeeded. It is not the medium, is the information, and this is what I will offer in my web. Also, I will plan to get subscription somehow and get paid by advertising ( probably from Birmingham business).

Thanks for reading!




What is to be and entrepreneur and why is important nowadays? Ideas and projects

Photo from

All these questions are just some of the few that cross our mind when we are thinking in develop and idea, proyect or bussiness in our field. And this became even more difficult when it comes to cultural enterprise, and you have to be more imaginative, creative and inovative that the rest of your collegues.

But actually it is simplier that what you can see at first sight. No matter how small or insignificant you think that your idea is, if it is matter for you then it will matter for others too.

Being and entrepreneir is not about being a bussiness man, have money and a big company, but also is believe in your idea, take risks, work hard and being countinuously learning in your field.

A report called The Independents gave some helpful information about how can we promote ourselves as a cultural entrepreneur, and even if it is a report from 1999 the rules of the game have barely changed.

We need basically three things: A good higher education, financial support ( but not allways) to start our bussiness and intermediaries to create a strong networking of managers, advisers and other collegues that could help us with the aspect that we don´t understand. And hard work, allways hard work.

Then, once that we have understood this, which is the next step? Our big idea of course!

Think in something that you are good in, that you like, that you enjoy and you can make others enjoy too or be able to teach them. This is the most important thing, because if you are not passionate about what you are going to do then think about something else: pasion and  also knowledge on the field are the keys.

So now It is my turn: What I am good in? Difficult task.What I love to do? Much better.

I became a journalist for a social reason: to help people to understand what happend in the world and why, to be useful. Then I focus myself in politics and social movements and I started to work as activist in a non profit organization.

Also, as journalist in my home town, I have attend to many strikes, social demostrations and protests but I always I missed some of them because sometimes is difficult to know from your editorial office where and when are and if it worth it.

That´s why I was thinking in the idea of developing a kind of website with and interactive map with the city of Birmingham as example, and there you can consult where, when, how and who is going to organise a protest or simply a mass meeting that it is worth to know or attend.

Maybe it is not going to be my final idea, but It is the kind of thing that I will like to focus my enterprise on: something lead to politics, social movements and make this information useful for every body.

Still working on it!

Thanks for reading.